Our Goal Is To Be The

Best E-Liquid Recipe Site

In The Entire World

Our Story

99Juices was created by Sean Linehan at the end of 2013 because he wasn't satisfied with any of the other e-liquid recipe sites on the internet. He thought the DIY community deserved a better platform to share and discover recipes, so 99Juices was born.

The guiding principle for 99Juices to make it easy to find great recipes and mix them up with little fuss. This resulted in 99Juices allowing members to:

  1. Make every recipe be adjustable to their prefered mg/ml levels and using the base ingredients they already have.
  2. Enter the flavors they already have and browse recipes that only use the ingredients they have on hand.
  3. Follow other members of the community who make recipes they love.
  4. Save recipes they want to make (or make again) to their recipe book.
  5. Tag the recipes they create with an unlimited number of tags to help other members discover recipes they are craving with a simple search.
  6. Rate and review recipes so the community hears their voice and recipe creators can make their next ones even better.

If you have any questions / comments / suggestions you can contact one of the two people who maintain the site:

Sean Linehan via Twitter or email