GJ Vanilla Custard Clone

GJ Vanilla Custard Clone

2-3 drops Cinnamon Sugar Cookie ( TPA ) 3 drops MTS Vape Wizard ( FA ) Supposedly a 90% accurate clone of Gremlin Juice Vanilla Custard Author: /u/UltimateOreo on reddit Thread: http://redd.it/22glnn
mg / ml
mg / ml
* Drop calculation assumes 20 drops = 1ml. This may not be perfectly accurate. Just use caution and common sense.
Wacksteven recommends you let this e-juice recipe steep for: 5.0 hours

E-Liquid Recipe Reviews

I don't have the Bavarian cream vanilla just the b cream any tips or just Bavarian cream could I do that ?
Review by 8 months ago
I ve only had it steeping for 24 hrs was tempted to test taste. Can tell this is a winner gooey custard, tastes like a proper decent custard. can wait till 2 weeks then I ll try again. i used just milk instead of malted milk percentage was so small cant think it would make a major difference. Lovelly Jubbly
Review by 1 year ago
Straight up smooth and gooey vanilla custard. Delicious.
Review by 4 years ago
after a few days of steeping its very tasty
Review by 5 years ago
Haven't tried the original, but always looking for a good vanilla custard. This one is on the mark for flavor, thanks!
Review by 5 years ago
Didn't have malted milk, so I substituted an extra 0.5% of Sweet Cream. Man good fucking call on these percentages, but if you use Capella's Custard I'd tone it back to 8-9%. Thanks man.
Review by 6 years ago
This is awesome! Even before any steeping! I used cheesecake graham crust since I didn't have graham cracker.
Review by 7 years ago


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