mg / ml
mg / ml
* Drop calculation assumes 20 drops = 1ml. This may not be perfectly accurate. Just use caution and common sense.
BiLaLToSS recommends you let this e-juice recipe steep for: 8.0 hours

E-Liquid Recipe Reviews

Taste good
Review by 2 years ago
Thanks, can't wait to try :)
Review by 4 years ago
Tasted pretty good right when done but had a little perfume taste a few days steep and will check back in
Review by 4 years ago
Steeped for 1 day and still is a bit flavorless.
Review by 5 years ago
It was perfect, not to sweet, just an awesome Orange Creamsicle!!!!! The 1st time I tried to make something like this I just used the Orange Cream, just the 1 flavor, it was terrible!! Thank You for posting this up, very cool!!!!!!!!!!
Review by 6 years ago


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