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Fresh mix of strawberries and coconuts with a touch of cream and Vanilla. A great dessert vape.
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Posted 3 years ago
French Vanilla, Deluce de Leche, Caramel is optional. If you don't use optional flavors then add ...
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Posted 3 years ago
This is my after work treat
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Posted 6 years ago
Sweet strong strawberry flavour creamy texture. Steep with cap off for first 12 hours. I did this...
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Posted 4 years ago
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Posted 4 years ago
My take on that classic dessert we all love!
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Posted 5 years ago
Play with it, there are a lot of strawberry milkshake names. It's a perfect clone recipe of the ...
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Posted 6 years ago
It's a great shake and vape but if you really want to know how I came up with the name then let i...
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Posted 2 years ago
A light tobacco version of a snake oil clone. It's a prominently pear flavor with creamy backgrou...
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Posted 6 years ago